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The Wirrigan Man's
Art Exhibition

Francis Firebrace

All Welcome

Francis visited lightning Ridge when he was last in Australia and has brought back some interesting artifacts.

Francis invites you to come and see his authentic Australian Aboriginal Artwork and Artifacts .

Chameleon Gallery
23 -25 Sandwell Street
Walsall WS1 3DR
tel: 01922 646 724


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Francis uses specially mixed Ochre coloured acrylic made especially for Aboriginal artists (by Global Colours of Australia) & paints in the four colours that his people have used since the beginning of time.

Black & white, Red & yellow. Black was obtained mainly from fire coals. White was often pipe clay, and Red and Yellow was mostly ground ochre. Francis also grinds his own ochre and mixes it with the acrylic he

The paintings are on canvases of various sizes and shapes and each is painted from a story of the Dreaming. Francis uses his own style in a contemporary fashion with a traditional feel.         

Some of Francis' art can be seen, and is for sale at
various venues around the UK while Francis is on tour there.

Francis is also available to be commissioned to do artwork.
For more information contact:



These are only
some examples of Francis' Art

Aboriginal Message stick

An Aboriginal Message Stick

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