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Fan made. None of these images are from the TV show. These are all my
CGI versions of the vehicles and equipment.

or. maybe they could be what the movie re-boot versions may look like!


to view the original vehicles and spacecraft click here.


Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organisation is a covert military organisation set up to combat an alien invasion, which is kept secret from the main populace of the earth. SHADO's main base of operations, operates out of a movie studio in London, Harlington - Straker Studios.

Harlington - Starker Studios - London .....fan made cgi version

The studio's CEO is Ed Straker, an ex astronaut and United States Air Force Colonel, who really only masquerades as the studio's CEO and actually runs SHADO from the military installation beneath the Studio. SHADO also has another covert military installation on the moon,

Alpha Moonbase (fan made version)

Space Intruder Detector......Fan made cgi version

as well as a computerised tracking satellite, SID - Space Intruder Detector, that constantly scans for UFO's.

The Lunar Interceptor spacecraft. The first line of defense. These spacecraft are launched from Moonbase, carrying nuclear missiles to launch attacks against the approaching alien spacecraft.

Moonbase Alpha and the Eagle spacecraft in the foreground.


SHADO Lunar Moon Buggy - fan made cgi version

SHADO Lunar Moon Buggy







ET/ UFO Diary


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