Carmol Scammell


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Words by Carmol Scammell
Illustrations by Dawn Lewis

Available from 'Saint Bernard's Garden Gallery' on Alpine Terrace and 'Wear and Wares' on Main-Western Hwy both on Mount Tamborine Qld Australia.

A Cowder Of Cats by Carmol Scammell & Dawn Lewis

I'm Not The Cat I Was

My jowls have been lifted
My cellulite shifted
My cheeks are now smooth and unflawed,
My teeth have been whitened
My ab muscles tightened
My nipples reduced and restored,
My tail is much blonder,
I no longer ponder,
I'm trivial, easily bored,
The world that I wander
Is frivolously fonder
Of glitter that can't be ignored.
In family albums I cease to exist
You won't recognise the young cat you once kissed
I look in the mirror and cannot find me
I'm just not the cat that I once used to be
I'm just not the cat that I was.

I Am Not the Cat I Was!


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Carmol Scammell


Dawn Lewis

Carmol Scammell has resisted the urge to go feral, choosing instead to live on clean Tamborine Mountain where she writes her 'DHANA' series of childrens books, paints and hangs out with like-minded cool cats.


Dawn returned to Oz recently, after 34 years in Europe. She divides her time betweeen friends and family, brushes and pencils, and her camera, specialising in flora and fauna near her home on Tamborine Mountain.


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 2007 Dawn Lewis & Carmol Scammell