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Wow Wee and Tomy Robots

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 I use FxHome software for visual effects and greenscreen compositing 

I am in no way associated with these companies, other than I chose to use their software and products in my movies. However, I am required to endorse the use of FxHome Software as that is a requirement in the license of the software, if the film is distributed other than for private use.



Episode Seven

The Roboquads come in search of Trevor, their lost comrade. Robosapien V1 runs off and prepares for the attack. The Roboquads deliver an ultimatum to Robosapien V1. Surrender Trevor to them, or be destroyed. This is my version of War Of The Worlds.


Episode Eight      Attack of The Roboquads

Robosapien V1 decides to surrender and goes outside his control centre to do so, but the Roboquads open fire on him, blowing off his arms and destroying his computer.
However, its all a dream and Robosapien decides to retrieve Trevor the Roboquad by activating the Time Tunnel. Robosapien returns Trevor the Roboquad, but the Roboquads decide to destroy Robosapien V1 anyway!

The mysterious Aboriginal Man hears this and takes action by infiltrating  the Roboquads spacecraft!


 Please Note: New copyright Legislation in the USA requires YouTube to block this video in most countries.

Episode Nine
With hilarious results, the Aboriginal Man has infiltrated the Roboquads spacecraft to sabotage the Roboquads attempt to destroy Robosapien V1.

The Roboquads leave peacefully, not before Robosapien V1 scares the remaining Roboquad with some unsettling Information!


 Episode Ten
RSV2 is alone and sad on the Robot Planet. It appears Daleks occupy the buildings on the Robot Planet! The Daleks haven't conquered Earth ( a.k.a The Robot Planet - Earth 4024 AD) but have a secret base, here in a remote part of the world.) RSV2 has discovered a mysterious Blue Box. Davros makes an appearance in this episode. 


i-SOBOT's Crash Landing

I created this story in March 2010 and is intended to show i-SOBOT's back story on how he got to be on the Robot Planet. Before i-SOBOT is captured by the Daleks he encountered some space phenomena and had to make an emergency landing on a mysterious and alien planet. Inspired by the music accompanying the crash sequence in the original Planet of The Apes. Created using Vue 6 Esprit, Particle Illusion and FxHome.


 Episode Eleven    Attack Of The Roboraptors
A Dalek patrol, sent to capture the Doctor's Tardis and Robosapien V2, is attacked by Roboraptors. Robosapien V2 manages to steal a Dalek's travel machine case. Robosapien V2 plans to masquerade as a Dalek and infiltrate the Dalek City! 

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i-SOBOT discovers some rusty, discarded alien machinery!

The Tardis on some alien planet.

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