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Entry Date: 2014-10-22 12:17:18
Name:Nick Seal
Site Rating:10
Visitor Comments: [] Hi Francis, I met you today in Merstham on your travels. I have to say it was my pleasure to have met you. You are the second Aboriginal Australian that I have met in the last two days, and only the 3rd that I have ever met. The 1st being Mae, who worked in the Training and development Department, of the NSW Govt. 1 Oxford Street Sydney. All the best my brother.


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Entry Date: 2014-09-29 22:09:58
Name:Leonie McIntosh
Site Rating:9
Visitor Comments: [] Thanks Francis for sharing our beautiful culture to the world - all the best Leonie McIntosh Wiradjuri

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Entry Date: 2012-06-04 15:45:23
Name: Tania
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: Hello Francis, I met you in Walton and we had a hug.  Only spoke for a few minutes but you made a huge impact.  Keep up the great work, the world needs more wonderful inspirational people like you. Sending you a big hug!


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Entry Date: 2011-11-14 11:28:26
Name: W A Harbottle
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: [] Arrived on a cold autumn afternoon to catch the train at Redcar East Station and greeted with "Howdie mate" (or the like) in a broad Australian accent. Within two minutes I had received a huge bear hug, and all from this total, but so likeable stranger who exuded warmth. He'd just done a session at Ings Farm school where he had clearly left his mark. Before we reached Darlington we were strangers no longer. Refreshingly open and caring to all he meets on the way. This guy has a special message that all need to hear, of love and respect for all people. I am sure we both parted the better for having met each other, an maybe better understanding each other and out respective "faiths"

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Entry Date: 2011-11-10 18:05:49
Name: Mel Hicks
Site Rating: 10
Visitor Comments: [] This guy is amazing I remember him coming to Rugeley when I worked in the travel lodge, He come to see the children in the local schools.

I learned more in ten minutes of chatting to this lovely man than I ever had. I fantastic lovely man who I wish I could of spent more time with. If you get chance to see him you wont be disappointed

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Entry Date: 2010-08-10 12:24:06
Name: Lez Thurlbeck
Site Rating: 10
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Hi Francis - bumped into you on the plane 3 weeks ago going down to Heathrow  from Newcastle (we were on our way out for our hols)  - you shared your chocs with us - thanks! What a total pleasure to meet you  and see what you do in the name of culture, art and music - I'm hoping to arrange for you to come and visit our school in Durham in the near future - it will make an excellent addition to our planned art activities and link up with cross currricular subjects too hopefully. Your website is great and I'm sure having met you,that you will be a total inspiration and delight to work with. I can't wait for the kids to see you and the staff too!



Lez Thurlbeck Hi Francis - bumped into you on the plane 3 weeks ago going down to Heathrow  from Newcastle (we were on our way out for our hols)  - you shared your chocs with us - thanks! What a total pleasure to meet you  and see what you do in the name of culture, art and music - I'm hoping to arrange for you to come and visit our school in Durham in the near future - it will make an excellent addition to our planned art activities and link up with cross currricular subjects too hopefully. Your website is great and I'm sure having met you,that you will be a total inspiration and delight to work with. I can't wait for the kids to see you and the staff too!





eylem I met you randomly somewhere in England at a festival area. I was with a friend and you left us a piece of paper with your information on after 5 years I found that paper again.You said I looked like a spiritual person and a beautiful lady  I hope you can come to Istanbul sometime in the future and talk about your stories..
Best Regards





Fe Fe

I live in the UK and have just seen you on Channel Five's Psychic Challenge Sunday 4th December 2005 aired at 8pm.
It was so uncanny as I have been interested in Aborigine culture and I had recently read about Wirrigan people and have been wanting to learn more, especially use of psychic abilities and dreaming culture. I have been wanting to get some genuine information about aborigine culture which is hard to come by and I was just thinking about this when you appeared on the show, how psychic is that??? LOL  
Anyhoo, just wanted to say it was great to see you on the show and I wish you had more time to inform us about your wonderful need to get your own TV show!
Please try and come to Leeds in Yorkshire on your next travels in the UK! We love storytelling up here too!  
Happy and safe journeys!
Peace and Light!
Fe Fe 



25 October 2005

i wandered into your website purely by fate. What a surprise to find a didge site sponsored by finding my favorite poem, The Man in the Mirror. Thank You for that lovely recital.  Every man, woman and child should hear it at least once.

  Godspeed Spirited One...



The Cedars Primary School Francis was awesome and cool. He was a great hit with the children and had their attention held for over an hour. His storytelling really captivated the children's interest and imagination as well as providing a useful history about his family and his people. He also worked alot on raising children's self-esteem and did alot of work around social skills. Invovling the children was also great. The art workshops were amazing and the children learnt alot of new skills. Philip and his didgeridoo had the chidlren captiavted for over 40 minutes. A great success that I recommend to anyone.

mick rogers Great Bloke

jenny I love your work. such movement and colour. I was looking for pictures to show my class of year 4 children in the uk.we're studying Aboriginal art.

sue Hi Francis. Good luck with all your good work in uk!!

Jane Lawton Really enjoyed your website. I lived with the Wongai people in Western Australia for 5 years and am now in Santa Fe,NM

Alex hi francis, about a year ago you visited my school (egglescliffe)and i loved your work and hope to see you in the near future from alex

Jody Green hi cuz wot u up too can u ring so i can talk to some 1 pleaase i would like too meat u some time will u be able to come to Perth please if u can love jody green miss u lots

Miss wild child will u be able to say hello to Jane please

Miss wild child love ya lots

lewis (thornhill park schl sunderland) I watched your video and it was the best video i ever seen and iam excited to see you. I never been australia yet but i would love to go there.

Diana Montgomery Francis, I fancy the pants off you. What a man. Wish we could meet one on one. Love and Kisses, Di XXXXX

cranmore school We all had a wonderful morning listening to the stories and to the wonderful didgeridoo. We're already looking forward to next years visit!

james teunon how are you doing in australlia

james teunon francies you were cool. i liked your storys and your clothing we liked itwent you taughte us how to kangaroo hunting and i liked the painting you did and i liked the darabooker

Veronica Pridgen the things you o is go and i like that you do your own things that other peopl like and know . Iam in 6 gr.

Randi Evertt Smith the pecies of art you have are very interingting to me.Your paintings you are very special thing to your heart! You can make the most intersdting things I've ever seen. Thank you for listening!

bex wilkinson g'day francis im bex from anthony gell school in year 8, i was so interested in your presentation yesterday so i decided to get your website off my teacher, as you will know her, Mrs Geeson. i love this website so much so i want loads of people to be interested in it .

Nakia James Firebrace Hi Uncle my name is Nakia. i was surfing the net for family trees when I came across your name on the web. I was wondering which of the Firebrace line did you come from? My blood lines are form "Bagot Morgan, Wises, Walker family in Echuca - Moama . My grand father is "Arthur Reginald Firebrace" and my mother is "Shirley Firebrace" It would be great to hear from you as I'm tracing my family tree. cheers Uncle - Nakia.

ash wise hey francis i think your "deadly" i loved ur speach -TRINITY SCHOOL

Webmaster Hi Nakia If you would like Francis to contact you - send an email to

gary gilbert hi francis great website have met you twice and phil once at rick and sylvias in darlington. take care and all the best gary.

jess he inspires me and i think hes scx

stephanie hi francis, i am inspired by your work and would love to be as successfull as you in the future, i am already known as the artist of the class. you visited my school (ullswater community college) on thursday 3rd. i am hoping to go to australia with my family coz i have some folks down under, so i will beable to see what its like to live in the bush, carrie says hi.

James Glading very good and interesting art word

lauren wood i thought that francis was great he was deadly cool me and my friends even got hugs off him he is a lovely man and if anyone ever says any different they are wrong thanks francis xxx

goof n adam This mans a true ledgend!!!

matt rav hes a yorta yorta person wow

craig and liam he really touched our hearts and inner-souls.

Jake Frenz Hi Francis when you next at Rick and Sylvias. Would love to catch up with you again there. You are a truly inspiring man!

George Maidment Hello Mr. Firebrace I saw you at Stonehenge, I now know how to catch a Kangaroo thats to you. I sent you a letter to Stonehenge I hope they pass it on to you. Thank you for a really great morning I loved it.

brett archer fascinating book read voices of the first day robert lawlor findings in this country are now revealing that the aboriginal culture are dramitically connected to springs like the rainbow serpert and the lengends of the fountain of youth and spring of creation none other than a culture connected to origins of the garden of eden or eden having the garden within it australia or a certain spot region which is known is where man was created proven fact

Bruce Blake gidday francis please email me when you get a chance. at re some ingigenous workshops in near future just need to run a few ideas by you you look great on the site hope you are well avalon misses you!!!

James Grew I met Francis at the airort in Teeside after he had finished working with some local schools. After 5 minutes he really made an inpact on my life outlook. What a guy!

wallie gday m8s i got francis to sign my shoe hahaha no1 else did hi lucy see u in form 2morra

David Hall Francis came to my school (Rye Hills) today and he is grrrrreat

lucy um....why wouild I see you in form 2moro? it's saturday! Francis you're class! I wanna live just like you! :)

Lucy I admire you for what you do and your courage could not be missed when you came into my school and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

You visited my school (rye hills) today and i really enjoyed myslef. i have learnt to believe in myself and now i fell more confindent! thank you very much

Amy - Rye Hills Francis came to my school and I made a new friend!He told stories that captivated everybody there and made everybody smile whatever he did. It was amazing to hear about all the wonderful things he's done in his life. Francis was such a lovely and friendly man to talk to and be with- he's great! It was a wonderful experience that I'll never forget! I,ve never left school feeling so happy! Thank you Francis.

Amy G ur gr8 francis!!!


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