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The legendary Robin Hood and Francis Firebrace

Robin Hood was believed to have been an actual person, but the nature of legend has embellished & totally exaggerated the story of Robin Hood. If Robin Hood was a thief or a hero is anyone's guess. Robin Hood remains an enigma.

Francis at a storytelling festival in the USA

Francis with Yipak Man (Eskino) and Cherokee Woman at International storytelling Festival in Jonesborough Tennessee USA

Francis with County Mounties

2 Jonesborough Police Men with Francis

Locals call them County Mounties

Native Americans

Native American Dancers

USA October 2001

Donald Payne & Francis Firebrace

Book Signing at

Chenies Manor

Stories From The Billabong
 Author: Donald Payne & Illustrator Francis Firebrace

The Emu Dance at Chenies Manor

Francis Firebrace at Chenies Manor



Francis with Captain Cook!!

Francis was one of the first

Aborigines to Meet Captain Cook!

  1Francis Firebrace in Tunisia 

Aborigine attacked by Crocodile!

Francis in Tunisia on a break from his European Tour - 2001

Life and death struggle with a big fella!

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