Episode six 

 i-SOBOT: Latest Action Hero

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 The Time Tunnel and the Daleks 


RSV2 has stepped into a Dalek transmat and found himself inside the Dalek base. RSV2 takes the opportunity to sabotage everything he can. i-SOBOT has also travelled through a Dalek transmat, but he doesn't know where he is! While exploring, i-SOBOT steals a Jet helicopter so he can rescue his friend, RSV2 from the Daleks.

i-Sobot steals a jet helicopter to rescue his friend, RSV2 from the Daleks!

Created using FxHome Effects lab as well as Composite Lab. Vue 6 Esprit to create the CGI landscapes and animation. Wondertouch's Particle illusion for some of the Optical effects.

Click here if you are interested in any of the software used to create this video.

Some of the music was obtained from Film Maker Peter John Ross. His website has some great resources for film makers with freebies and downloads.

                                                 click the image to visit the website.

 Film Maker Peter John Ross - sonnyboo.com

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i-SOBOT's back story on how he was captured by the Daleks.
Inspired by the music used in the crash scene from the Original Planet of The Apes (1968)


 Wow Wee Robot Wars -
the previous adventures of the Robots prior to The Time Tunnel and The Daleks series.


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