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Francis Firebrace
Aboriginal Storyteller
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Aboriginal Artist


Envision Newage Multimedia - Australia

Multimedia & IT, Desktop Publishing, Photography & Digital Graphic Artist 
Publish new ideas, information, audio-visual material, performances & music via conventional means, multimedia & the Internet.
Provide cost effective use of multimedia software, information technology & the world wide web.
  Publish a wide range of cultural and educational material via multimedia & the Internet. 
Web Site development and administration.


 Aboriginal Art Directory

Didgeridoos and Oddgeridoos

Oddgeridoo decorated with the Myall Creek Artists' artwork

Artwork by the Myall Creek Artist - Colin Isaacs.

Oddgeridoo decorated with Colin Isaacs' artwork - The Myall Creek artist.

Rob Day with his favourite Didgeridoos and Oddgeridoo

New England Woodturning Supplies creates traditional and
Non -Traditional didgeridoos. All hand made to be played. If you want something different and unique. Rob is a player and maker of quality Didgeridoos and Oddgeridoos. Decorated or non - decorated. For beginners to professionals.

New England Woodturning Supplies - Inverell / Gilgai

NEWTS - Didgeridoos and Oddgeridoos


29 Ponds Road - GILGAI NSW

opposite the Inverell Airport

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The River WalkCopeton DamCranky Rockaccommodation

The Old Convent Gardens - Guyra NSW - Yesterday's Glory Today
Fountains  Statues  Outdoor  Furniture  Fantasy  Figures
and much more


Grit Media

People with disabilities creating cutting edge work that empowers, enlightens and entertains audiences. Creating opportunities within, and influencing media, through partnership and example to accurately reflect diversity in society.

We create, make, produce, refine just about any media product you need. Contact us to discuss your needs.



E-on software is the leading developer of quality solutions for the creation, rendering and integration of natural 3D environments.

Check out my latest video and stills created with this software


Reallusion Content Library

Check out my YouTube videos created with this software


Wondertouch by GenArts


Film Maker Peter John Ross -

Film School Online


Robots are a fact of life. Soon they will kill us. Wed like to document the coming apocalypse.

 Jeff's Robots - Toy Robots and tons of Robotic links

Entertainment Earth


Art Gallery Worldwide




Lachlan Hinds


                             NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR

Assisting people to find solutions to their daily and inner struggles through the practical use of dream interpretation, spiritual counselling and homeopathy. Providing psychological and psychospiritual tools to assist one through life, not just at the time of consultation. A philosophy of practical spirituality.

Logo for Lachlan Hinds


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 Francis Firebrace Aboriginal Storyteller and Entertainer
Colin Isaacs Aboriginal Artist
New England Woodturning Supplies

Aboriginal Australia

Kristian Benton

Aboriginal Flag

Didgeridoo maker and performer
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