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Home security and surveillance Robot - Robosapien

If you love robots, who hasnít dreamt about having a life sized robot for yourself? Being an amateur filmmaker, I thought it would be cool to create a film about a life sized home security and surveillance robot.

Having worked in the film industry as a projectionist for twenty years, gave me an insight into the special effects used on motion pictures. After buying Adobe Premiere and dabbling with chroma keying, I got an idea about using toy robots to create the illusion of owning a life sized surveillance robot that appears to have artificial intelligence. If you know how to create that illusion on film, anything is possible!

I discovered a reasonable priced cgi effects software capable of creating realistic gun flashes and other sophisticated effects. My robots, would appear to be armed with weapons! The same software company also offered a more sophisticated compositing software for green screen, blue screen compositing, with elaborate garbage matts and effects, which would go even further in creating realism in the film. 

After creating my first film, Wow Wee Robot Wars, I realised how difficult it would be to find enough live actors who could participate in my films. I only create the films in my spare time, so finding actors who could fit in with my time schedule, as well as having to pay them, gave me the idea of using only toy robots to realise the storylines. Toy robots would behave themselves, and would do any scene I could imagine, as well as, the only payment being new batteries!

 Robosapien Version 2 -  a .k.a RSV2

Roboquad                    i-Sobot


              i-Sobot  Robosapien and RSV2 as unlikely Tardis passengers.

 the rest of the series can be found here

After the first few films, I imagined my characters needed to go to other locations, other than my front and back yard. So I searched for other ideas and came across CAD software capable of creating 3d landscapes, which would be perfect to use as backdrops for my movies. My characters now had other locations for their stories.

If you are interested in the software used to create these here.

Wow Wee Robot Toys

The stone arch on the Robot planet.

Earth 4024 - 25 A.D.    A.K.A  The Robot Planet

The toy robot manufacturers have given the toys a personality that seems to lend itself to comedy. After the first few films I realised how easy it was too fall into the trap of becoming too violent with the fictional weapons I had given my characters and decided the stories should be more cartoon like, more comedy and as much fun as possible.

I currently have dozens of episodes on YouTube with more episode on the way. The storylines seem to write themselves   with my Robot characters consisting of Roboquads, Roboraptorsí and Robosapiensí doing all manner of quirky things and situations. The Daleks have also made an appearance.  Introducing the Daleks gave me an idea on how I-sobot could be introduced into my storyline.  I-Sobot's story

I-sobot and his spacecraft - Strzelecki Desert Australia

 I-Sobot and his spacecraft

I have added many more CGI characters, locations and storylines since the first episode. If you would like to see what the videos have evolved into, click here.

Artificial Intelligence chess tournament!

Robosapien V1 and RSV2 playing chess.

In their first bullet game of the AI Championship, both contestants displayed utter disappointment after the board, glass table and most pieces were completely smashed during Black's response to White's e4 with c5. The only surviving piece was Black's c-pawn. Perhaps White should have avoided the Sicilian. - akafett on



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