Lachlan Hinds

Didgeridoo Performer

Lachlan has been playing didgeridoo for eleven years and has performed with Francis as well as numerous community gatherings, Exhibition openings for Objective Spiritual Art and Sydney Fringe Festival.
Lachlan's didgeridoo playing features on the "Girrilambone: Place of Falling Star" storytelling album.

Lachlan is a Homeopath by trade and does remedial therapy, spiritual counseling and dream therapy, to name a few.

Also has experience in Harmonic throat singing and has had seven years involvement with Tibetan Bells and bowls.

Lachlan recorded an album, at Studios205 Audiomedia, of Tibetan Bells and bowls, didgeridoo and harmonic chanting called “The Source,” and all proceeds from this album will go to charity.

Lachlan Hinds and his didgeridoo

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