The Moon

as re-told by Francis Firebrace

Way back in the Dreaming, two young men fell in love with the same girl. A tall beautiful young woman who could not make up her mind which one of these handsome warriors she wanted to marry and have children with. She would flirt with one and then the other. The older women of the tribe spoke to her about this behavior, but she ignored their advice.


The young men became angry and each warned the other to stay away from this girl. It was not long before trouble started between the young warriors and each faced one another in combat. They raised their waddies (fighting sticks), and the fight began. So furious was the battle that the earth trembled and the mountains shook. Soon each man was wounded.

Now the Great Spirit, Biame, seeing what was happening intervened and before the two young men could harm themselves further, Biame's powerful magic had lifted the girl into the sky turning her into the Moon, saying "if you can not make up your mind I will do it for you."

Now she becomes pregnant once a month, growing bigger and bigger with child until she disappears for a period of three days to have her baby and then reappears again to repeat this process time and time again. While the younger of the two men who so loved this girl died of a broken heart. His spirit entered the red bellied black snake who crawls of a night, high in the mountains still trying to reach his true love in the sky.

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Carmol Scammell

Carmol Scammell has been, among other things, an interior decorator, a designer and a poet. She lives on Tambourine Mountain in Queensland Australia, where she is currently designing sets for the new musical 'SCHEHEREZADE' and writing and illustrating her 'DHANA' series of childrens books

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