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Gadi Mirrabooka front cover

"Gadi Mirrabooka"

Stories from the Dreaming

Collected and arranged by Helen McKay.

30 Aboriginal Stories

by Pauline E. Campbell-McLeod, Francis Firebrace, and

June E. Barker

Illustrations by

Pauline E Campbell-Mcleod, Francis Firebrace.

Photography by Jutta Malnic

Gadi Mirrabooka, which means Below the Southern Cross, contains thirty Dreaming stories from the Australian aboriginal culture, recognised as the oldest culture on earth.

The stories in this collection are told by Aboriginal storytellers, unlike many other collections of aboriginal stories. In the past, people have gathered and published books of aboriginal stories, regardless of whether they are secret or for public use, usually without seeking permission. In many cases, a number of these stories were altered, or sanitized to suit the prevailing sensitivities and values of that era. This deeply offended the aboriginal people.

The storytellers, who have shared stories for Gadi Mirrabooka, are all respected Aboriginal cultural educators, who use their knowledge to educate their younger generation, as well as, the wider Australian community. The stories have not been altered or sanitized for specific audiences, but are authentic oral stories, passed down through many generations. All have been approved for public telling.

The Dreamtime, which is the period of creation, change and learning, where the very essence of human nature came to be understood, is known to the Aboriginal people as the Dreaming. The lessons of this period of enlightenment - the ability to live in peace and harmony with all around you - are encapsulated within the Dreaming and passed on to the next generation in the oral tradition.

Dreamtime is a word first used by an anthropologist in the early 1900's, to define what he saw as a religion. He used this word to describe the all-encompassing mystical period of aboriginal beginning.

However, the Aboriginal people do not worship any single Deity or other Gods. They built no monoliths, memorials or idols, nor did they have an organized religion. They lived by the lores of the various Creator and Ancestral Spirits of the diverse landscapes, the sky, the creatures and plants of Australia.

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