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I use FxHome software for visual effects and greenscreen compositing

I am in no way associated with these companies, other than I chose to use their software and products in my movies. However, I am required to endorse the use of FxHome Software as that is a requirement in the license of the software, if the film is distributed other than for private use.

 Particle Illusion

Create and animate natural 3d enviroments

E-on software is the leading developer of quality solutions for the creation, rendering and integration of natural 3D environments.


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Episodes 1 to 11


Episode Twelve

RSV2 masquerading as a Dalek, has infiltrated the Dalek City to cause some mayhem. While doings so, RSV2 has discovered there is another Robot being held captive by the Daleks.

I-Sobot is being held prisoner by the Daleks!


Episode Thirteen

i-SOBOT receives a visit from a very strange and unusual Dalek who helps him escape!

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 i-SOBOT: Prisoner of the Daleks

The Daleks take i-SOBOT prisoner and plan to dismantle him!

Dalek City on Skaro

The Daleks have discovered a stable worm hole and plan to use it for their own nefarious means!

 The Time Tunnel and the Daleks



 Episode Fourteen : Escape From Dalek City

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