Episode Nine

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The Roboquads
  Houston, Trevor and Brian









Roboquads, Houston, Trevor and Brian were trying to steal the Tardis when they got sucked into the time vortex, where they remained trapped until now. The Roboquads now find themselves on the Planet Prometheo, the site of the Daleks Time Tunnel experiments.

The video was created with Adobe Premiere 6.5.
FxHome: Composite Lab and Effects Lab,
Wondertouch's Particle Illusion and Vue 6 Esprit from e-on Software.

If you are interested in any of the software used to create the video click here

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The Roboquad, a Wow Wee Toys Robotic toy, always looked like something NASA would create to investigate the surface of Mars. And why not? It was invented by robotic physicist, Mark W. Tilden. That idea generated this story, Houston, Trevor and Brian. Actually, Trevor the Roboquad plays three parts!

When I first saw the following commercial, for the first few seconds, I thought someone calling Trevor, actually was talking to the Roboquad! It was only a few seconds, but then I thought it was cool to think of my Roboquad as Trevor! A cool name for a Roboquad.

 I have also become a fan of the Steampunk genre of Science fiction and decided the Roboquads would have Steampunk style equipment and spaceships. You will see more of their Steampunk technology in future episodes. However, this episode does show a larger rescue spacecraft flying to the planet Prometheo, to rescue the Roboquads. I have recreated an effect that I saw, as a child, watching Gerry Anderson's Fireball XL5. Where a model spacecraft looks like it has a sparkler attached to it supposedly flying through space! The sparkler effect was created by Particle illusion and the spacecraft is a CGI model from Cornucopia3D.

A roboquad on the planet Prometheo

A Roboquad on the planet Prometheo

The Vimana Flyer

The Roboquads and their Vimana Flyer Aircraft.

The Roboquads and their Vimana Flyer aircraft.




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