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The Time Tunnel and the Daleks

 The Daleks

The Daleks were hated throughout the galaxy. Although the Dalek's appear to be robots, they are actually mutated beings inside the travel machine controlling it. Cyborgs if you like. The Daleks are extremely xenophobic and are bent on universal conquest and domination. The Daleks were also highly technologically advanced. The Daleks built vast metal cities and strive for scientific superiority.

Early Daleks could not leave their metal city, as they drew motive power from the metal floor. However, later, Dalek scientists created more effective travel machines, their armoured case, and were able to leave their city and explore the universe, which is very unfortunate for the rest of us!

Skaro's petrified forest!

Skaro's petrified Forest






Music video / trailer Inspired by the pulsating rhythm from the music: The Taking of the Pelham 123

Music / Video trailer inspired by the music from Space 1999. Footage from episodes 10 to 12

 Music Video / Trailer for episode 17 "Halloween 4025 A.D."




 Episode One

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The Daleks discover a stable wormhole and begin experimenting with it, for their own nefarious use. This explains why a prototype looking Dalek came through the Time Tunnel in episode six of Wow Wee Robot Wars.  
 (Previous YouTube series - back story for The Time Tunnel and the Daleks)

This story unfolds before Dr Who visited Skaro in his first ever adventure with the Daleks. Inspired by the music from the 1965 film, Dr Who and The Daleks, I have created some of my own visuals for the music, as well as visuals for a re-worked BBC TV theme for Dr Who. 

Wow Wee Robot Wars is the backstory for The Time Tunnel and The Daleks. Click here for that story.

Created using a combination of CGI and greenscreen compositing of Character Option toys and Wow Wee Robots. Alien landscapes were created using Vue 6 Esprit. Greenscreen compositing created using FxHome's Composite Lab.

If you are interested in any of the software that was used to create this video

click here

Episode Two



Daleks at their antenna on Skaro

Daleks in their metal city on the Planet Skaro. This model of Dalek could not leave their city,
due to drawing their motive power from the metal floors of their city

 Dalek City on Skaro.

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 Playlist for the entire series!

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Wow Wee Robot Wars

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