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 Music Video of Timelapse sequences photographed around Inverell, the Sapphire City, New South Wales, Australia.

This track always deserved something unusual for a music video, so I have attempted to create an unusual selection of CGI characters dancing and singing RubberbandMan.

Created using Daz Studio 4, FxHome, Crazy Talk and Particle Illusion.


Music video / trailer Inspired by the pulsating rhythm from the music: The Taking of the Pelham 123

Click here for the YouTube series

A trailer for my Halloween episode of The Time Tunnel and the Daleks using the theme music from Halloween.

Click here for the Halloween Episode

Inspired by the eerie music background from the crash scene in the original Planet of the Apes movie, I have recreated the crash scene for my I-Sobot story.

I have attempted to recreate the opening titles of Star Trek DS9 using the CGI models I have.



The Space 1999 theme used as a trailer for another episode of the Time Tunnel and The Daleks.


 A track from the Didgeridoo album Spirit Alive. Film features Aboriginal artwork by Koori artist Colin Isaacs and Kristian Benton. Various animation Techniques. Morphing and Crazy Talk.


  Brolga Dance
Traditional Australian Aboriginal
Song of the Gamilaraay People

Introduction by Paul "Winangali-gi" Spearim in English.
Sung by Paul Spearim Jnr in Gamilaraay.language


Bonnie Tyler's Holding out For a Hero fit perfectly for Robosapien V2 to rescue i-SOBOT from the Daleks

Inspired by jeff wayne's musical rendition of the War of The Worlds

Click here for Wow Wee Robot Wars


 The Roboquads are returning home. Meanwhile another science expedition of Roboquads has a dispute with the locals on the planet Chiron, as well a finding a strange space capsule.



 A music video of a scenic walking track at Inverell.



What the new movie version reboot may look like.

To defend Earth against alien invasion, a covert military organisation called Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organisation - S.H.A.D.O. operates out of a secret location on Earth and the Moon.

To see more images of the equipment SHADO uses to combat this threat. Click Here.

 Wow Wee Robot Wars

The Time Tunnel and the Daleks

If you are interested in the software used to create these here.

images / publicity photos  from The Time tunnel and the Daleks

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