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Painting by Aaron Brown depicting Francis in a mythical scene

A painting by Aaron Brown


Stonehenge, South England

Francis Firebrace at Stonehenge


Francis in a dramatic pose at Stonehenge

Photography for this photo is by Matt Faber


Francis at Stonehenge, Salisbury Plains, Wiltshire, South England.

Most archaeologists agree that
Stonehenge served some sort of religious function. However, astronomer Gerald Hawkins theorized that Stonehenge was used as a huge astronomical instrument!



Is this Australia's answer to Stonehenge?


Centennial Park
Glen Innes
Northern NSW



The Standing Stone at Glen Inness  NSW Australia

 The Australian Celtic Festival is held at the Australian Standing Stones over the first weekend of May each year.

 Made up of 18 giant granite monoliths, The Australian Standing Stones consists of a circle of 24 stones, representing the 24 hours of the day, together with three central stones, four cardinal stones marking true north, east, west and south, and another seven stones in solar alignments.
Looking down from above, if you draw a line from the north cardinal stone to the south cardinal stone, and from the east cardinal stone to the west cardinal stone, you create a cross intersecting within the circle. This is the Celtic or Ionic Cross, the symbol of the Celtic Christian Church which arose in Ireland in the 5th century AD. This symbol is still in common use in Australia today, and is incorporated to indicate
The Australian Standing Stones, unlike stone circles of antiquity, were erected in Christian times.


Francis' Children

Nirimi with a koala

Zake feeding a kangaroo

Nirrimi patting a Koala.

Zake feeding a Kangaroo.


Oil painting of Francis Firebrace

Oil Painting of Francis Firebrace


Constance Farquharson

Francis in a dramatic pose


Francis Firebrace of the Yorta Yorta people.

Photo by Jeff Goodmon



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