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Francis Firebrace at St Baldred’s Church Hall

Francis Firebrace at St Baldred’s Church Hall

Francis Firebrace, Master Aboriginal Storyteller and Artist visits North Berwick

 by Wendy Robertson Fyfe

A lively Francis Firebrace appeared before a full house at St Baldred’s Church Hall. Francis, described by members of the audience (age 1 to 95!) as a ’wise and wonderful man’, brought stories and wisdom from the Aboriginal Dreamtime and his art published in the new book “Stories from the Billabong“. We learned about the Aboriginal Culture and how through storytelling, rituals, place, connection and belief in its people, it had no need for a police force.

As part of the St Baldred 1400 Events, we were reminded of the connections between different cultures across space and time where the ground on which we walk is perceived and treated as sacred and the journeys we make on that walk as also sacred; that we forget to the peril of ourselves, each other and the land. One of the most wonderful things about the visit by Francis with his warmth, humour, openness and generosity, is that it showed us a much needed and desired alternative and rich way to respond to the injustice and violation which, for example, Francis and his people experience/d from, for example, British people. Everyone who was there, will not forget meeting him and the hope he brings to the world. The children loved him - and so did everybody else!

Photography by Wendy Robertson Fyfe


Francis Firebrace

Francis Firebrace at St Baldred’s Church Hall


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