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 New Garden displays - lots of photo opportunities.
New England Woodturning Supplies - carved by Rob Day

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Showroom refurbished

Showroom - New England Woodturning Supplies

Showroom - New England Woodturning Supplies

Wife's Corner

A wife's corner,  for those less interested in the the Woodworking!

New Product

BootEasier - from a standing position


Didgeridoos and Oddgeridoos

Various didgeridoos on offer

Close up of a didgeridoo

Oddgeridoo with Colin Isaccs' artwork

Oddgeridoo with the Myall Creek artists' artwork

Didgeridoos and Oddgeridoos - New England Woodturning Supplies

Didgeridoo and Oddgeridoo Section


Yidaki Bob!

Rob has developed a passion for making and playing didgeridoos. If you are interested in buying one or finding out what we offer  click here.      Rob now includes an interesting an entertaining introduction into making and playing Didgeridoos in his woodwork demonstrations. If you are part of a club or group that may be interested in seeing a woodwork demonstration at New England

 Any tour groups or clubs interested in a Didgeridoo performance and demonstration
 - can download our Didgeriddo.pdf for more info

New Flyer.pdf





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