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Bones McCoy is our mascot and security guard.

Bones McCoy was a Halloween skeleton Rob purchased several years ago. He was used in some publicity

 photos for the sculptures and somehow became a staff member and mascot.

Bones McCoy can be found at his security station in the Didge Humpy. 

Bones McCoy at his security station in the Didge Humpy

Bones McCoy on the Steampunk Sawmill

Bones McCoy in the classic jeep

Bones McCoy having fun on the steampunk sawmill


 Rob and Bones McCoy wishing everyone a happy Halloween

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Embark on a whimsical journey this holiday season. The mischievous and mysterious Beakman pays a visit to the naughty Jordan Notgood,
unleashing a dream filled with surprises and laughter, accompanied by the hauntingly beautiful iconic 70's melody.

Halloween 2023. The Gilgai Boogieman exists and is being hunted by C19.
However, C19 has encountered another frightening vigilante scaring children at Gilgai.
This is Terrifying Gilgai.

Naughty children? Need help? Who ya gonna call? Boogieman for hire. A mysterious and formidable vigilante scaring children into good behaviour.
Code of ethics: Do no harm. Scare and frieghten children into good behaviour.
This is the trailer for Terrifying Gilgai, a Bones McCoy Halloween movie that will come out Hallo
ween 2023.

Rob's Stranger Things

Steampunk Helicopter Pilot

The Abduction of Santa Claus - Christmas 2022

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Frightening Gilgai - Halloween 2022

Unusual Things


Hero or Villian - Trailer for Halloween Movie 2022

Bolt Cutter Lizards


Visitors from far away..

Bones McCoy is a survivor!

Bones McCoy - Halloween Skeleton

An Unlikely Christmas Story 2021


An Unusuall Christmas Gift

Bones McCoy encounters an unusual customer...suspiciously familiar...this doesn't end well!


Bones McCoy is back on Halloween 2021 causing mischief and mayhem!


Coming Halloween 2021


  `Bones McCoy: Security Guard


Fight Club

The Halloween Movie of 2020

Bones McCoy, our security guard, went stir crazy during the lockdown. Invited some creepy friends around and things got out of hand

when COVID-19 arrives. Screaming will become contagious! You will have to self isolate!

This is Halloween 2020! 

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