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Four Simple Projects

Key Hanger, Teapot Stand, Wall Plaque and Clock

3.5" Tile for Key Hanger  

6" tiles for Teapot Stand, Wall Plaque and Clock. 


Step 1: Select a suitable piece of timber, either a solid piece with straight grain, or laminated with alternating grain,  3/4" thick, and 7" in diameter for key hanger and 9" in diameter for teapot stand, wall plaque and clock.


Step 2:  Cut disc to required diameter, depending on project.  Clock disc should have a hole drilled in the centre,

3 1/8" with a forstner bit.  it is easier to drill the hole before cutting, making it easier to clamp.

Forstner bit and piece of wood with centre drilled



Step 3:  Glue with about 4 spots of glue to a faceplate which has already had cardboard glued to it.  I use white pva  (photo) which is fine, as long as you use sharp tools, eliminating stress on the job while turning. For clock project simply mount in chuck to finish back of clock, and reverse to do face and edge.


Step 4: Dress front face of project.  I use a sharp 1/2" spindle gouge.

Rob Day working on project

Rob Day dressing face of project

Rob Day at lathe


Step 5: With 3/4" square nose scraper, cut recess for tile. (photos)   Important - you must leave a small gap around the tile to allow for wood movement, otherwise a tight fit will crack the tile.

working on project

Hint - (photos below) to make checking tile size easier, simply use a piece of adhesive tape to make a handle for tile.

image showing tile handle made with adhesive tape

close up of tape used for tile handle



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