Escape From Dalek City 

 Episode 14

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If you are interested in any of the optical effects, software or props used in this film, click here for more information.


Escape From Dalek City
Episode Fourteen

RSV2, masquerading as a Dalek, and i-SOBOT are stopped by a Dalek patrol. The Daleks are unaware that RSV2 is inside a Dalek travel machine. i-SOBOT catches the Daleks by surprise with his Kung Fu. RSV2 and i-SOBOT manage to escape, but the Daleks now have the pair under surveillance and use electro-magnets to stop RSV2 in his travel case.   RSV2 abandons his Dalek travel case and the pair set off once again. Meanwhile, a Dalek probe droid has detected a meteorite storm heading for the city and the Daleks evacuate the upper levels of their complex. RSV2 and i-SOBOT reach the outer door to the city and are confronted with a roboraptor. Mysteriously the Roboraptor runs off and the pair manage to escape the city only to encounter more perils!

Wondertouch's Particle Illusion software was used for some of the cgi effects in this movie. More info

Episode Fifteen

   Davros and his Daleks


Davros was a brilliant scientist from the planet Skaro, the Dalek's home planet. Horribly scarred and crippled, Davros relies on a mobile life support chair. Davros created the Daleks and believes they should become the supreme beings and rulers of the Universe.



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