Completed Projects

 Image of four completed projects


For all hanging projects, I use a brass hanging ring  -       ( photo A)

which simply screws into small pilot hole. for keyhangers I screw in 5 square hooks equally spaced (not shown).  teapot stands - bottoms can be left flat or screw in 4 small brass feet, which gives a nice, classy look ( photo A). 

Photo B shows all components used in these projects, all available through New England Woodturning Supplies.

Abrass hanging rings

 components necessary for the projects



Brass Feet       1517

$2 each

Brass Hanging Ring    3171

$2 each

Clock Movement   qcs

includes hands $9

3 1/2 " Ceramic Tile

$6.50 each

6" Ceramic Tile

$9 to $12.50 each

6" clock Tile

$12 each

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