The Daleks

 Mysterious Blue Box

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We get to see more of the Dalek's metal city on Skaro as well as some more of the Dalek's back story is revealed. The Daleks interference with the Time Tunnel causes the Tardis to go off course with other ramifications across all time and space!  Some real and imaginery locations used in this video. The Roboquads make an appearance, as they try and steal the Tardis!

Robosapien encounters a strange blue box!

Robosapien encounters a strange blue box!


A Mysterious Blue Box!


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 The Tardis on a city street.

The Tardis, a mysterious blue box, or a product of advanced alien technology?
A camourflaged space craft, capable of travel in time, as well as in space!
Camourflaged as a 1950's London Telephone Police Box!

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